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Dear LJ,
I am seeing someone else.
Feel free to stop by and check it out...

We can still be friends, but things are serious between me and blogger, for a newer blog I have a great audience following me(200 on gfc, 540 facebook, 299 twitter)...

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I love being a Mom!
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I learned sad news today. A former employer and friend passed away over the weekend, suddenly due to an accident at home.Without the help I got from him and his wife, I would not be living up north. He was an influential person in my life, but sadly we had not spoken since my last day at work at his place, several years ago. Life happens and now I feel sad, knowing my friend, the great storyteller is gone. He was not always nice, he could be quite terrible. We had lots of spats, misunderstandings and ill feelings. But, I respected him and found his life to be amazing. I remember being at odds with him and feeling so disgusted about his drinking and driving I was ready to call him in as a drunk driver, of course I couldn't go thru with it. I couldn't sever that connection. I remember he could be kind and generous also, he tried to give me photos of Elvis once which cracked me up. He didn't blink an eye when I told the tale of trying salvia and tripping so hard so fast. We had... dynamics?

Goodbye Joe, old friend who drove around with his cat in the van, who once ate a goats eye in India, who lived next door to Lenny Kravitz on the island. A life well lived, you inspired me to experience whatever I could. I renew that inspiration in your memory. The world is darker now that your light has gone out.
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And I start off by saying my mother in law is coming for a visit tomorrow, to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, I have something great to be thankful for... She won't be here on the actual day to ruin Thanksgiving.

My husband and I bickered all week about this shit. I can't help it, I just can't stand that woman. He said :"Oh, at least we can hang out and relax on Thanksgiving this year." That sent me crazy mad. I am cooking for my family on Thursday. She will not interfere with our family creating holiday traditions and memories. I insisted she contribute, considering she is putting ME out by expecting a Thanksgiving meal, and that gets expensive. She thought she should just show up here early Saturday morning, I put my foot down and said "No, you should be here no sooner than 4:30 p.m." Again, this caused tension and drama.

I am being a bitch about this. I am half tempted to whisper "bad" every time she comes near my son so he won't encourage her idiocy. Yes, I secretly and sometimes not so secretly, feel that shitty and hateful about this woman. I know it is unhealthy, it is wrong and there is something to this, as a darned- near psychologist. I know I do not improve anything by feeling this way. I know I should not interfere with the relationship between the monster and my son, but damn it, I am human and mature enough to at least admit this here. I feel borderline obsessive hatred when it comes to her these days. I have been secretly singing in delight at the REALITY that soon, in like 18 months hopefully, my family will HAVE to pack up and move so that I can work with my getting oh so close degree. I am secretly planning to make the distance between the prospective job and my mother in law the main deciding factor.

I am pathetic I know. I am ashamed of myself for letting myself feel like this.
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Today has been good, even though I have felt rushed all day.

I had to go to a meeting about my local taxes I did not file, oh joy. I got the tax waived but still had to pay a non filing fee.

I won 2 giveaways today, a $25 credit to a blog design place and a Milky Way prize pack! Hey, even small wins excite me!

My husband and I are going to have a relaxing night, we might head over to the pumpkin patch and stroll around with baby, and then a night of Deadwood. I love that show and hate we are nearly finished with the season again. I have said it before and I will say it again, Timothy Olyphant... yum... rowr! He is so smoking hot, I could watch anything he was in, and whimper in delight the entire time. He is so my celeb crush.

It is gorgeous outside today. I happily hung my laundry out and smiled as I reduced my energy consumption. Screw you city of Galion! My water and electric bills were totaling around $150 in Mansfield. Now that I live here, last month my bill was $325 for both services. Our utilities are municipal ran and sky high. Anything I can do to cut that expense down is good.
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I haven't been around much, just lurking quietly for the most part.

I have continued my accident prone streak of weird bad luck. I had a nasty fall in Meijer due to a massive Dr. Pepper spill. I should change the subject. Soda will kill me one day I fear.

In other news, I haven't been jumping to post and annoy everyone with my gushy lovey dovey-ness.

My marriage has been through some really weird patches lately, but somehow my husband and I went from preparing to split up to falling madly in love again. I swear, my dramatic life exhausts me! But, the falling in love bit is good, and it feels good to be happy again.

Who knew?
It all happened so suddenly, I still wonder if it is all a dream.

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I delight in the arrival of Fall. I like the cool nights, breezy and mild days and changing leaves.

Life is back to good, my husband is taking a new medicine to help him regulate his moods, and it has done wonderful things for my marriage. My son is growing, brilliant, fun and adorable. I am great, except this death flu I caught. Ugh, it has been a week and I am still f-ing sick! I cough and sneeze and blow my nose and listen to the disturbing rattle in my chest... then I sweat, shiver, ,moan in agony...

I have been exhausted. I don't recall leaving the house in days, other than to go get a gallon of water when the filter on my fridge went out. I refuse to drink tap water.

I have been watching the Cat in the Hat on PBS while I am lounging around, that cartoon is the best. Geez I need my energy levels back.

This weekend I am hoping to be well. I have plans to go to Oktober Fest, the Colonel Crawford shin dig, a trip to Rus Men Farms for local meats, and my husband is turning 36. It will be a busy weekend! I am still pouting that I missed the annual event at Malabar Farm last weekend.

I guess I should not be guzzling a huge iced coffee right now, I should sleep and rest. My son is sprawled out asleep, and I could use some time with a good book.

I had to suck it up and buy a new laptop after months of threatening to. I got a Dell, and I must say so far, so good. It is nice to be able to watch videos again without my computer shutting off within 5 minutes.

Now, if I could just get someone to fix my dryer. It is going to cost me a fortune to get someone from Mansfield to do it, and sadly I can't find anyone in Galion. I am almost afraid to get it fixed due to how much it is going to cost... I told my family tonight,... no more laundry... just go naked from now on...
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My house is a wreck. It is rainy. My dryer is down :( And finding the part needed has been a bitch. I have laundry up to my ears.

So, instead of preforming my duties as the cleaning fairy, here I am... happily munching on a huge bag of Conn's chips!

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To catch you all up with the current events and happenings in the life of Sara...

I am now 9 classes from graduating with my B.S. in Psychology... Unfortunately for me, the next 11 1/2 weeks are filled with Math classes... I am so over Math already...Geez!

My son is growing too fast. He is nearly 27 pounds and 31 inches tall! He is as adorable as any little boy could ever be. He is learning a lot too. He can run backwards, spin in circles, he says a ton of words like : doggy, ki-cat, kiss, book, NO! NO! NO! Sara! Mom, Dad.

The pediatrician told me he is bright, and is on the level of development with the average 23 month old. My son scribbles, stacks items, sorts items,climbs, runs, can point to his nose and hair and so on.

We love to read books also. He is a total book worm. Our current fave is the Little Pumpkin Book. We read it like 20 times a day.

I think I have found a new friend. We have been getting together a few mornings a week to let our kids play and chat. It is so nice to have a friend again!

I haven't really been into too much else. I lost some weight and am working on losing more. I try to walk at least 4 days a week, 2 miles at a time. It is a small step but a start.
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Another weekend has come and gone...

I didn't really do anything super thrilling. Saturday we toyed with the idea of going to the Amish Country. We ended up going to malabar, petting the animals and walking around. From there we went to Pleasant hill lake and we wandered around there. It was a nice day... until my husband drug me to Wal-Mart then proceeded to act like he was at Wal-Mart... I think that explains it all :)

We are revisiting DEADWOOD, as something to do. That show was great, plus the main character is super hot.

Today we hung out around the house, we went to the Resevoir and walked around and then on a fruitless search for farm fresh eggs.

I came home to clean, cook and write 2 reflections for school.

Like I said... nothing thrilling.

Tomorrow, I will fold and hang about 8 loads of laundry. I plan to wash my windows and curtains and make 2 batches of pita bread.

I am on a week long break from school, so that is a good thing ;)
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